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Marvel mystery oil

Jul 20, 2019 ... Last time Marvel Studios attended San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige teased the introduction of the Skrulls into the MCU. Now, those ...

Marvel’s Avengers: How Crystal Dynamics is Crafting the Ultimate Super Hero Team

As a general rule, to body something great is not about more hours and resources thrown at a problem, but beneath bullshit. I tended to accept that with all technological advancement, we will work less, smarter and better. But with years it seems that we add more mass to our action and decision making which in the end is reflected… Read More →


Mar 11, 2019 ... The newest Marvel movie, CAPTAIN MARVEL, is a lot of fun. As an old (very very old) Marvel fanboy, I am a little saddened that they dropped ...

Yay for Captain Marvel

You might think you know what you’re getting from a appellation featuring the world’s most iconic heroes. But following Marvel’s Avengers showing at Gamescom 2019 it’s time to think again; these are unique and original versions of the characters with new powers, new abilities and, crucially for the wider storyline, a world that sees them in a new light.

Marvel movies

Check out Marvel's latest news, articles, blog posts, and press on the official site of Marvel Entertainment!

Marvel Announces Phase 4 at Comic-Con: 'Black Widow,' 'The Eternals,' 'Thor 4' and More

When it comes to attracting, delighting and retaining customers, user experience design is often at the heart of your success. Improving the usability of your app, website or product, means your end-user will be able to navigate and achieve exactly what you intended them to. This is often perfected through user testing, a method long proven to test and improve… Read More →

Marvel comics

The collaborative design platform. Wireframe, prototype, design online and create design specs in one place. Or create an integration with our API.

Enhance your marvel Experience

Testing is a fundamental part of the UX designer’s job and a core part of the overall UX architecture process. It’s a great way to annihilate problems or user difficulties that were unforeseen in the architecture phase. 1. Test As Early As You Can The beforehand you test, the easier it is to make changes and thus the greater impact… Read More →

Marvel hq

1 day ago ... You might think you know what you're getting from a title featuring the world's most iconic heroes. But following Marvel's Avengers showing at ...

Marvel Blog

Since the early 90’s, the agreement ‘Usability’ and ‘User Experience (UX)’ have been talked about non-stop in the world of design, and are often referred to as ‘must haves’ in the design process for articles and services on multiple platforms. Where this couldn’t be added true, it’s hard to enlarge the importance of usability testing. In this article, we’ll cover… Read Added →

Marvel insider

Visit the Marvel Blog for the best tips, tricks and care for your Marvel premium refrigerator.


In this special edition, Ryan, and Tucker preview December’s biggest new comics, including a Marvel annihilation mystery that escalates to a cosmic scale in INCOMING #1, an interwoven story in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #12 & Peter Porker in SPIDER-HAM #1!

Marvelous mrs maisel

Ideas and words on user experience, design, collaboration and more.

The best design articles every day.

We’re excited to announce the aboriginal of our major releases in 2019 that will transform how you use Marvel and validate your ideas. Our goal is to bring core parts of the design process into Marvel, creating a centralised hub for starting and validating ideas, right the way through to handing off to developers. That’s why we’ve built User Testing… Read More →

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