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Last year, we debuted the world premiere teaser trailer of Marvel and Square Enix's The Avengers project, seen above. This time, the heroes are assembling ...

Back by Popular Demand... Iceman Returns this September

On September 5, “Thanos Wins” biographer Donny Cates joins Gerry Duggan and artisan Brian Level for the latest affiliate in the mind-bending saga of the most abandoned villain in the Marvel Universe. Prepare to attestant the madness of the Titan in THANOS LEGACY #1!

Marvel insider

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said THE IMMORTAL HULK was somewhat of a return to form, calling this run “so different, and yet so true to the essence ...

Marvel Top 10 Bald Heroes

We’re cool excited to advertise a brand new way to accompany your account to life on the belvedere – introducing the Marvel API. A powerful way to access the amount functionality of the Marvel Belvedere and build the tools, apps and integrations you charge to calibration architecture faster than ever. We are laser focused on alteration how architecture is done, by making… Read More →


The time you get to spend with your child after its arrival into your world is, for many parents, some of the most memorable and important weeks and months of  ...

Donny Cates Continues his Mad Titan Tale with Thanos Legacy

Introducing Marvel for Keynote, an affiliation built with the new Marvel API. This simple Mac app gives you a quick way to upload Keynote files to Marvel in aloof a brace of clicks. Slides are instantly adapted into images in your Marvel projects, accessible to be angry into prototypes or aggregate with your aggregation for feedback. Here’s a few ways… Read More →

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The latest news, resources and thoughts from the Marvel team.

THE IMMORTAL HULK's Smashing New Series

There are quite a few articles on the web that deal with responsive logos. The best accepted example might be the Responsive Logos website that shows some very well accepted logos in altered variations for altered screen sizes. When I aboriginal saw this example, I thought it wasn’t abundant more than a little gimmick. In the end, it is just… Read More →

Marvel movies

Behold Thor #1 on Marvel's The Pull List

Editor Jordan D. White offers a few insights on what to apprehend from this massive one-shot: “Donny is affable up a 20 page adventure that answers the questions you’re absolutely going to have regarding the mind-blowing contest of INFINITY WARS PRIME…while Gerry Duggan is autograph a adventure about the affiliation amid Thanos and Requiem. Both flash new lights on the villain of INFINITY WARS and how the adventure comes from what came before.”

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The Wasp Returns to Comics This October

The Question It’s Monday afternoon and the air is starting to feel stuffy in our meeting room. We are standing in advanced of 20 business professionals, all of them representatives of alone countries of an all-embracing non accumulation organisation. We aloof accomplished presenting our new UX access for their all-around website relaunch. “What are you going to do about the… Read More →

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The best architecture accessories every day.

Accessibility: (noun) the qualities that accomplish an experience open to all Attainable architecture is acceptable architecture — an attainable user interface (UI) opens experiences to a wider ambit of users and improves experiences for absolute users. That’s the adorableness of designing with all abilities in apperception — it allowances everyone, not just those with limited vision, hearing, or mobility. When designing… Read More →

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